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ABA Services

Our mission is to provide top of the line services to our individuals and their families. This means we work with the most qualified staff and help others gain the qualifications they need to succeed in this field. All Pointe Care will work with you to help you get the certifications you need to be the best provider of therapeutic support you can be.

Functional Behavior Assessment: A central reason for conducting an FBA is to obtain information about when and where challenging behavior is occurring in order to determine why the behavior occurs.

Behavior Intervention Plan Development: BIP’s are developed by the BCBA or Licensed Clinician as a means to build skills in various areas in order to achieve the individuals specific goals.

Direct Observation and Direction by BCBA or Licensed Clinician: Weekly observation of the Behavior Technician implementing strategies and running the teaching programs to ensure fidelity of implementation. Direction will be given as needed to the BT and parent(s) to ensure the client is learning effectively.

ABA Therapy by BCBA & Licensed Clinician: A BCBA or Licensed Clinician will deliver this service directly to the client through the use of behavior analytic strategies.

ABA Therapy by Behavior Technicians: Implementing ABA techniques and intervention to the child on a daily basis. We serve as daily models to parents by providing parent-to-parent training. We also collect daily data of how the child responds to the program.

For more information, please contact Tabbetha Rivers, Director of Autism Services, at trivers@allpointecare.com 

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