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Since our founding in 2000, our philosophy has been that “lives are greatly helped when trusting professionals are involved.” We make a difference…one individual, one family at a time! 

All Pointe Care offers therapeutic support for families and individuals throughout Connecticut who may be struggling with developmental challenges, mental health diagnoses, complex behavioral health needs, or other concerns that require professional assistance.

Our licensed team works with the State of Connecticut, medical specialists, counselors, and other professionals to provide their clients with personalized, nurturing, effective, and compassionate services. 

These include:

  • Clinical Consultations and Assessments
  • One-to-One Support Services & Interim Staffing
  • Therapeutic Support Staff
  • Support Staff
  • Temporary Care Services

All Pointe Care’s experts go where your clients need us – in homes, foster homes, group homes, residential facilities, schools, hospitals, and other appropriate locations.

We keep all lines of communication open to constantly assess progress, goals, performance and outcomes. Our staff is regularly trained in all safety and legal mandates, reporting, appropriateness, and other issues so all can be the best we can be.

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