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Support Services

All Pointe Support Services

Family & Children Services at All Pointe Care
Family & Children Services at All Pointe Care

Developmental Services

In-home Support – This program focuses on specific needs such as daily living tasks, homework assistance, recreation & social skills. Our extra support improves the home atmosphere & helps create an environment for families to flourish.

Community Inclusion – This program helps our clients increase community safety & awareness. We help our clients participate in community activities available at the YMCA, Boys and Girl’s Clubs, library, as well as recreational & cultural events. We also take clients grocery shopping, banking, to laundry facilities, and to other places to model life tasks.

Behavioral and Therapeutic Consultants – Our trained staff focuses on developmental issues with our clients, helping find solutions that work for each individual. Our consultant meets with the family & client to develop an individual plan with the goal to increase all positive behavior. The consultant trains the family & the support staff on the plan, oversees plan implementation, and conducts ongoing evaluations.

Services for Families and Children

Clinical Consultations & Assessments – We work with social workers and other experts to determine behavioral and clinical needs of individuals with behaviors consistent with mental health diagnosis.

One-to-one Support Staff & Therapeutic Support Staff – Working with individuals in homes, in the community, group homes, residential facilities, or wherever else needed. We always work to ensure the safety of the individual (and others in the home) and support them as needed.

Behavioral & Therapeutic Consultation – Creation of individual plans including individual and/or family therapy, parenting education, etc. – to address various behavioral concerns.

Behavior Management & Training – This includes a proactive support plan with goals towards future growth.

Supervised Family Visits – We ensure everyone’s safety by monitoring and re-directing inappropriate behaviors, conversations, and activities.

* Staffing Group Homes – Short and long term assignments.

* Parent Education – Working with parents and family members on how to raise individuals in a safe and caring environment. We provide structured plans, weekly visits, and thorough documentation of all work.

* Temporary Assignments – In-home care services to assist with day-to-day childcare responsibilities.

If you would like to make a referral of services, please Contact Us or the office at (203) 250-1900 for more information.