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All Pointe Care Services

All Pointe Care operates under three separate departments so each case can get the individualized attention and care it deserves. Our licensed team works with the State of Connecticut, medical specialists, counselors, and other professionals to provide our clients with personalized, nurturing, effective, and compassionate services.

Community and Family Support Services & Group Home Staffing

Since our founding in 2000, our philosophy has been that “lives are greatly helped when trusting professionals are involved”.  Our Community and Family Support Services & Group Home Staffing department provides unique, individualized care to each and every one of our individuals.

One to One Support: We provide one-on-one support to an individual or youth either in their home or in the community. These include after school programs, summer camps, extracurricular activities, etc.

Interim Staff: We provide shift coverage as needed in group homes or residential facilities.

Temporary Care: We provide support to families and children either in the home or in the community to give parents additional assistance with their day-to-day needs. We will utilize a variety of interactive activities that will meet the child’s basic health, educational, nutritional, and daily living needs.

Therapeutic Support: Through our Therapeutic Support Services, our staff addresses the individual needs of the individual they are working with. Our staff will provide:

    • structured and enrichment activities consistent with identified case plan objectives.
    • assistance to each child or youth to develop skills that support good decision-making, pro-social choices, the refinement of social and life skills that foster independence and solidify acts and actions that replace problematic behaviors.
    • many social situations for the child or youth to practice their learned skills.
    • evaluations of their mastery of skills and progress made towards case objectives and goals.

Community Based Life Skills Coaching: Here, we work with teens using the Learning Inventory of Skills Training Assessment (L.I.S.T.) Tool. This is a community based service model that focuses on the development and enhancement of the individual’s knowledge of essential life skills to promote preparation for adulthood and self-sufficiency.

Supervised Visitation: Parent and child relationships are fostered in this service by providing a safe and nurturing environment for families to spend quality time together.

Parent Education: We’ll work with parents to build on their nurturing parenting skills through the use of the “Nurturing Parenting” curriculum.

Clinical Consultations and Behavioral Assessments: Here, we will provide assessments and consultations with mental health/ behavioral challenges.

For more information, please contact Carrie Czekierda, Director of Community and Family Support Services and Group Home Staffing at cczekierda@allpointecare.com

Individualized Residential and Community Services

All Pointe Care, LLC offers a wide range of programs and services to adults and children with varying levels of disabilities, mental health conditions, behavioral concerns, and other special needs. Our Support Staff focus on developing the individual’s social skills and establishing their independence through the use of behavioral and therapeutic consultation. We serve individuals throughout the state of Connecticut.

Day Support: In our Day Support program, our main focus is to help our individual find and maintain employment. We prepare the individual for work and/ or community participation, support meaningful socialization, leisure, and retirement activities as well.

Home Support: Our focus in our Home Support program is to implement strategies to address behavioral, medical, or other needs identified in the individual’s plan. This includes assisting in mobility or travel training. We also provide training in basic consumer skills such as shopping or banking as well as assisting with all personal care activities.

Personal Support: This service strives to provide the best support at home and in the community as well as meeting individuals day to day activities and living needs.

Community Inclusion Program: Our goal in this program is to increase the individual’s community safety and awareness. We also assist individuals in community activities available at the YMCA as well as the Boys and Girls Club.

Behavioral and Therapeutic Consultations: We focus on the development of our individuals by helping them find solutions that work specifically for them. We meet with the individual and their families to develop an individual plan with the goal to increase all positive behaviors. We also train the families and Support Staff on the plan, oversee plan implementation, and conduct ongoing evaluations.

Job Coach/ Supported Employment: In this program, a staff member goes to work with the individual and provides training and support while gradually reducing time and assistance at the work site.

Life Skills Coach: We provide training in day-to-day activities, preparing the individual to live independently by providing training in basic consumer skills such as banking, budgeting, and shopping. Training will be provided to enhance the individual’s ability to live on their own with skills such as meal preparation, laundry, and cleaning.

Community Mentor: Assisting in day-to-day activities and daily living needs such as providing social interactions, light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry and shopping. We also provide transportation and initiate leisure activities.

For more information, please contact Kathryn Wood, Director of Residential and Community Services at kwood@allpointecare.com